Using to Combine RSS Feeds has created a quick and easy method to combine RSS Feeds into a single output. Just add an RSS feed destination / output from any of your content Routes. will create and host a RSS feed of your content -- and we'll add your new items to your feed as they are posted through your route.

Many users use their output RSS feed to power widgets, subscribe to the feed in RSS readers and APPs, and post their content to other applications.

Note: To use RSS Feed as an output, you must have a paid plan with

1) After you log into your account, click Automate to display your routes


2) Expand your Route and click Connect Social


3) Click the RSS icon



4) Give your RSS feed a new name

5) Click Save. 

6) You now should see your RSS feed as a route output. Go to your Socials tab and click on Settings to view your Feed URL

7) Copy your feed URL

Paste the URL into your favorite RSS reader or other application. Your feed url will look something like this:


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