How do I geotag my tweets? now passes location info to Twitter when we make a post on your behalf. By including location info with your tweets, your readers will enjoy enhanced location-related information when reading your tweets on Twitter. And your tweets will appear in Twitter search results with location data, making your tweets even more discoverable and relevant.


To activate geotagging, you’ll need to turn on location tagging for each of your feeds in

1) Log into

2) Edit the feed you want to start geo tagging

- Roll over the feed and click on the edit/pencil icon

3) Go to the Location Tab

4) Check "Use Location"

  • will find location information in your feed items and include that with posts to Twitter.


You can also set the default location for your feed by navigating the map and clicking on your location. If your feed items don't contain location info, will pass your default location to twitter when posting. If you want your feed's default location to trump any location info contained in the feed items, you can set your default location to override.

You’ll also need to turn on location in your Twitter account – go to, and under “Settings”, make sure the “Add a location to your tweets” option is checked. supports both ‘geo:lat/geo:long’ and ‘georss:point’ elements. More on GeoRSS.


If your location is still not appearing, you will need to make sure that your location is turned on in Twitter. To do this, go to your Twitter account and log in. Click on Settings, click on Privacy and Safety and enable location.


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