How to use short URLs with

Learning how to use short URLs with can help you to automate your social media while still obtaining necessary analytics for your posting. To shorten links in using (or pro) you'll first need a account. If you choose to use a shortener other than's shortening service, will not track/report click stats for items. Stats will be found in the account of your new shortener.

1) Log in to your account and click the Socials tab.


2) Click Short Links.


3) Click +Add shortener



4) Choose from the list of options


5) Click on Connect.


6) Sign in to your account and click Continue.



7) Check that the account was authorized successfully and click save.



8) You will now see in your list of Short Links. Select as the Default if you wish.




Your default shortener will automatically be selected when you create new routes. To add to your existing routes, click the pen icon under Actions in the line item, choose "Apply this shortener to all existing routes" and click save account.


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