How do I use a third party link shortener with supports popular url shorteners,,, and even your personal branded shortener! In fact, you can now utilize any third party link shortener that provides API access and returns the shortened URL in plain text format.

Support for these new shorteners is in addition to's existing support for, pro, and your own custom domains. You publish, and we'll deliver your content using your favorite link shortener!

To start using a third party shortener:

1) Once you are logged in to your account, click on the social media icon

2) Click "Short Links"
3) Choose "+Add a Shortener"


4) Click the drop down menu to expose shortener options


5) Choose"3rd Party Shortener"


6) Add the URL should use for communicating with your  shortening service's API.


  • We suggest using the short url domain. For instance,  if you are using short links, we recommend using the name
  • Use @URL@ as the placeholder for URL to be shortened. For instance:
  • You may include as many parameters in the API request as necessary. For instance:
  • expects responses from the API to be in a plain text format such as:
  • At this time, we're not processing JSON or XML formatted responses.

Follow the instructions on the page.

7) Click Save

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