How do I automatically add hashtags to my posts? has the capacity to automatically add hashtags to your posts, even when you, yourself are not adding these unique hashtags.  Utilizing simple category tags, you can customize each of your posts in your RSS Feed to automatically generate unique hashtags.

Please note that we are no longer able to support adding hashtags before or after Twitter posts due to Twitter's terms of service update. This is to protect the safety of our users' accounts.

1) Click the Social Media icon

2) Select the social media destination to which you would like to add hashtags and click on Edit



3) Click the Advanced tab



4) Scroll to Auto Hashtag Placement and select where you want hashtags placed


  • Before content: Hashtags, up to a maximum of 5, will be placed between any defined prefixes and the item content.

  • After content: Hashtags, up to a maximum of 5, will be placed after your content ahead of any suffixes added to the item content.

  • Inline: If any of the categories are matched in the item text (title or body), the matched text will be turned into a hashtag.


5) Choose the number of hashtags you want to include, click how you would like spaces handled and click Save


  • Remove Spaces: Remove spaces from your hashtags.  Twitter and Facebook require that a hashtag be a single piece of Content utilizing no spaces.
  • Change Spaces to Underbars: Change spaces to underscores in your Content.  For example, #dlvrit_blog_summer


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