Does have a regularly scheduled maintenance window?

Does have a regularly scheduled maintenance window?


When does maintenance take place?

On the second Sunday of every month, plans for 3 hours of planned maintenance from 00:00 to 03:00 US/Pacific (PST/PDT)

You can see how this affects your timezone by using this timezone calculator

What can I expect during maintenance?

  • You will be unable to sign up or log into the interface
  • Feeds are not updated
  • Posts are not sent to Destination services
  • API endpoints will return 503 ("Service Unavailable") errors with a Retry-After header.

What happens when maintenance completes?

  • You will be able to sign up or log into normally
  • Feeds which were scheduled to be updated during maintenance will be updated (at least) once
  • Posts which were scheduled to be delivered during maintenance will be posted
  • Feeds will begin regular updates
  • Posts will be sent to Destinations
  • API endpoints will function normally

What do you do during maintenance?

The answer to this question varies, but in general we use this time to perform maintenance on some of our critical systems.  Apply software updates, update server hardware, perform code releases which might otherwise impact posting negatively, etc.

Why do you need maintenance so often?

We schedule this monthly maintenance so that users are not caught unaware when we do need to use it.

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