Why do I choose "Summary Content" vs. "Full Content in my advanced feed settings?

Many feeds contain both a) Summary and b) Full Content elements for each item in the feed. The Summary element usually contains a brief synopsis of the feed item and often cotains no images. Whereas the Full Content field generally contains the full text and graphic content for the item.

Depending on which text / images you want dlvr.it to post on your behalf, you can set dlvr.it to post a) Summary Content, b) Full Content, or c) Prefer Summary Content (looks for Summary first, then falls back to Full if there is no Summary field.).

The most common issue related to this setting:

No images post to Facebook

If you are trying to post images to Facebook and you've set images to be Auto-Detected from item content, you may need to switch this setting so that dlvr.it can find your images to post. The most common case is where the images are located in the Full Content element, however this setting is set to Summary Content. In this case, dlvr.it will look for images in the Summary area and will not find any to post. The result is Shared Link sposts to Facebook without images.

To remedy this situation you'll need to change this setting:

1) Log into dlvr.it

2) Edit the feed you wish to change (rollover the feed and click the pencil / edit icon)

3) Go to Advanced Tab

4) Set "If Posting Body Use:" to "Full Content"

5) Save.



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