[Feeds] Summary vs. Full Body

Summary vs. Full Body

The feed that you're publishing may have a body or a summary and a body.  There's sometimes confusion about which one is which.

Atom Feeds

When using an Atom feed, there are two fields, <summary> and <content>.  For Atom feeds, <summary> is always the Summary field referenced by dlvr.it, and <content> is always the Full Body.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds will always have a <description> field, and this can be either the Summary OR the Full Body.  Which one it is depends on whether your feed also has another optional field, <content:encoded>.

If your feed does not have <content:encoded>, the <description> field is treated as if it is the Full Body.

If your feed does have <content:encoded>, the <description> field is treated as the Summary, and <content:encoded> is the Full Body.

This behavior follows the recommendations set by the RSS Advisory Group.

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