Why did my feed automatically turn inactive / stop / pause?

dlvr.it automatically deactivates RSS feeds if we cannot successfully retrieve them for a period of over 24 hours. When a feed is not retrievable for this length of time, it generally means the feed has a serious problem that is causing the retrieval failure. The feed retrievals are 'deactivated'.

1) When a feed is inactive, a red 'stop' icon will appear near the feed. You will also see a bell at the top of the screen with a red number next to it.


Once a feed is deactivated, you'll need to log into your account account and reactivate it. To re-activate:

2) Once logged into dlvr.it, Click the feed that is inactive. Review the error message and  correct the issues.

3) Click the switch to toggle the Feed back on

4) Decide if you wish to share recent items

5) Your Feed is now active again!



To be auto-notified of problems / issues with your feeds you can log into your account and confirm your email: Click your avatar on upper right >> Account Settings. Scroll to email preferences. Once you confirm your email, we will send you auto alerts when we have issues with any of your feeds/destinations.

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