Why did dlvr.it post an item that I didn't post?

dlvr.it will not post an item unless we find it in your feed at the time we retrieve the feed and make the post.

There are a few known issues with blog systems and third party feed hosting services that can cause dlvr.it to post an item that you didn't post.


Periodically delicious' feed system has an technical error and post a new item in Delicious feeds that contains the text "Something went wrong". dlvr.it sees this as a newly created item, and posts that to your social networks. Once delicious resolves the error, the "Something went wrong" item disappears from your feed.

Unfortunately, this is a repeat issue that delicious has not yet fully resolved.

Blogging Systems

We've also experienced similar problems with other blogging systems. When the systems experience an error at the time of feed retrieval, they can return an unexpected error message that dlvr.it sees as a new item. Some systems return the name of the Blogger or Company associated with the feed as a new item when encountering an error.


To ensure that you do not have this issue in the future, you could add a filter inside of dlvr.it -- instructing dlvr.it to ignore items that contain "something went wrong".  With this filter in place, dlvr.it would not post an item containing the phrase "something went wrong". You can use a similar technique to address the issue with your blogging system creating an error item with your company's name.

More on using dlvr.it filters:


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