Issue with resulting in items not posting.

UPDATE: The issue with has been resolved. made changes to their API that required to update an API key. We updated the key as of Noon (Pacific) on 12/13/11. If you are using as the shortener in, your items will be processed and posted.



As of 12/12/11 is encountering issues when attempting to shorten links for some users via This issue results in not having a shortened link to post -- so does not post the item.

The issue appears to be on Google's end. We are continuing to investigate.

In the meantime, you can set to use or shortened links -- and posts will be made.


To use links with your routes:

1) log into

2) Go to Settings > Short Links

3) Select as the Default

4) Click pencil / edit and select:

"Apply as the shortener for all routes:"

5) Save Domain


Details on setting up as your shortener:


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