Why are my items posting more than once?

Duplicate items can be posted for a few reasons.  There are a few Settings that can cause duplicate items to be posted.  Check out these Settings below to determine if any of these apply to your account.

Things to Check

Is there another service which is also posting to your account?

  • Facebook
    • Services like TwitterFeed and NetworkedBlogs can be disabled either from the application's website, or by removing the application's access to your account via the "Settings - Application Settings" menu in Facebook.
  • Twitter
    • Services can be disabled either from the application's website, or by removing the application's access to your account via the Twitter Connection Settings page

Note: Facebook and Twitter have the ability to be linked to one another.  The best place to look for this link is to look in your Twitter apps or facebook.com/twitter.

Does your feed have "Republish items with updated timestamps" turned on?

  • Edit your feed by clicking the pencil icon next to your feed's name
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Uncheck the "Republish items with updated timestamps" checkbox.
  • Items will no longer be reposted when the content is modified


Have your item URLs changed?

A frequent cause of duplicate posts is that the item URLs in the feed have changed. One way that you can detect this is to:

  1. Locate two duplicate posts and open the links in two separate browser windows or tabs
  2. Compare the URLs displayed for each link in your browser

Pay attention to differences in the site name (www vs. no-www), changes in the dates and times which may be present in the URL or URL parameters.  Any change in the URL likely indicates that the URL in the feed changed and that the item was detected as new due to that.

You can help prevent this from happening by ensuring that your feed has proper GUID tags, and by disabling any features in your feed publication software which may be causing the URLs to change.


Are your item GUIDs changing?

Along with URLs this is one of the most frequent causes of duplicate items.

A GUID is a unique identifier that represents an item.  Sometimes the GUID is also the URL, because this does uniquely identify the item.  If the GUID changes, we search our system for the new GUID, and when it's not found we are effectively being told that this is a new item which we have never seen before.  Since the item is "new", we post it using the rules as if it was a new item.  More information about GUIDs can be located in this support post.

Is your feed set up more than once or do you have two feeds publishing the same items?

dlvr.it does allow you to set up a feed more than once because you may want different settings for different socials. You can search the feed URL in the search box on top of the feeds tab, which will help you locate any feeds that are duplicated. You may also have feeds that are publishing the same items. If this is the case, you should be able to view this in the feeds themselves.


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