Auto Instagram Link in Bio Page

Currently, the only hyperlink allowed on Instagram is the one link in your Instagram bio. We have developed a tool to help you direct your posts directly into a link page that will allow your users to easily view your desired content.


After adding your custom Link Page URL to your Instagram bio, viewers will be redirected to a page where all your post images have clickable links creating an intuitive flow to drive traffic.


First, you'll need your link page URL. To find this:

1. Click on your Socials tab


2. Click on the Instagram page in question


3. Click on the Link Page button




4. Toggle the Publish Page switch to the "On" position.




This will publish a page that will host links from all of your Instagram photos. This page can be Unpublished at any time. This Admin page can be used to delete any post link as well. Simply click on the 'x' at the top right of the post to remove. 


5. Copy the URL from the top of the page.





Then, you'll need to insert that link into your Instagram Bio. To do this: 

1. Log into your Instagram account


2. Click on your Profile Avatar icon and click Settings



3. Under the Edit Profile section, enter your link page URL into the Website section




4. Submit your changes





Then you're all set! We'll now automate all of your links to your Instagram Links page. 






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