How do I control the EverQueue settings for my post?

EverQueue settings are controlled in two different places. There are settings on the posts themselves, and there are settings on EverQueue.

Note: Please note that Twitter may use this service, but all content will be Retweeted in accordance with their policies. The same content may not be used for more than one Twitter handle.

The EverQueue settings can be found here:


You will find a few settings in the EverQueue settings options. First, you will find a setting to control the frequency of EverQueue posts. Second, you will find a setting to control the duration between EverQueue posts. This setting controls how often an EverQueue post can be posted. Third, you will find the option to set EverQueue to Random.


The settings to control an individual EverQueue post can be found by editing the individual post within EverQueue. You can find this control here:


Once you have clicked this option, click EverQueue at the bottom of the screen.


At this screen, you will be able to set an expiration date for the item in question. This will tell us how long you want to post the item. If you do not use this option, the item will post indefinitely.


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