What features can I access with a Plus Plan?

The Plus Plan offers an expanded feature set that will supercharge your posting power. 


With EverQueue, you can set your best content to recycle indefinitely as frequently as every 7 days. With this feature, your Queue will never run dry of Content.

Customizable categories in your Category Manager allow you to set a unique schedule for each type of posting you wish to utilize. The right kind of category will go out based on each category's schedule.

With Content Search & Import, you can easily find content in RSS Feeds or on the web that will provide you with a neverending well of posts. Simply enter the keyword, hashtag, or user that you would like to use to import, then review your content and select the posts you want to use. You can then select your socials and import everything you would like to post. You can also import your CSV document that contains information about your Feed and select content from there.

An expanded feature that we've added is the ability to use your Wordpress Feed to set up scheduled posts. This feature allows you to connect Wordpress blogs directly into dlvr.it to retrieve content seamlessly and place it into your schedule.

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