Can I import a .csv file with

Yes! has recently implemented the ability to import an entire .csv file using our bulk import features. The feature in question will require your file to be formatted in a very specific way. First, the headers in your spreadsheet will need to be comment, url, and imageUrl.


Once you have correctly formatted and saved your file, go to your account and click on the Content tab and then click on the Import CSV tab. Click on the Upload CSV option and find your CSV file.


Once you have inserted your CSV file, our systems will load all available items to Import. Select the items you would like to use and then select either Add items to Queue, or Add items to EverQueue. 


Once you have selected the items you wish to import, click on Select Socials and click on the Socials you wish to send the imported items to.


Once you have selected the Socials that you'd like to use, click on Import Items, and your items will head to your Queue or EverQueue.



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