How to Use EverQueue

EverQueue can be used in a number of ways. When you're considering using EverQueue, making sure that your content is imported and is filling your schedule is paramount when you're considering sharing Evergreen content.

When you're utilizing EverQueue, you can import content in a few ways. First, you can Search & Import from an RSS Feed or other source. Second, you can import a CSV file that contains your data. See our documents that go over these processes. Please note: Twitter EverQueue posts will be sent as Retweets after the first post.

Your EverQueue home screen will look like this:


When you are accessing this screen, you will see your items and all your categories linked to those items. If you want to change the settings, click the Settings icon and you will see this screen:


This screen will allow you to change the post frequency, set how many days you can let lapse before an item expires, and whether or not the posts will be randomly assigned. The 'Insert EverQueue Item into Queue every _ Queue items" will tell us how many items you want us to post before using an EverQueue item. The 'Wait _ days after posting an EverQueue Item before it's eligible to be posted again' setting will tell us when you want us to post the same item again. And of course, the Random setting will randomize the posts in your EverQueue to give your readers a little bit of variety when you're recycling content.


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