Updated User Interface for Queue (As of June 1, 2017)

Our newest version of the User Interface for our Queue allows you to view more in a single place and will improve efficiency within our platform. This new interface provides additional options to view how full your Queue is, your Queued items, your Schedule, and your attached Socials.


To view your associated Socials, you may click on the dropdown menu arrow next to the default Social on the top of the page. This will pull up your Queued items for that Social.


To edit any item, you may mouse over the item and click on the Pencil icon. To change the date and time, click on the Clock icon. To delete an item, you may click on the trash can icon. The trash can icon now offers the option to delete multiple items at the same time. Simply click the trash can on each item you would like to delete and click on the Delete (x) items confirmation. You also have the option to delete all items from your Queue. To move an item to the top of the Queue, click on the Up arrow.

To access your Schedule, click on the Schedule button on the left of the screen.


The schedule screen allows you to add or remove time slots for item schedules. You may add time slots by selecting the 'Add time slot' option. You can also change the schedule that exists by selecting the time option. You may also delete time slots by clicking the 'x' icon next to the time slot that you want to remove.

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