Basic Plan Posting Limits


Posting Rate Limits

Users on's free Basic plan are limited to 10 posts per social profile per day. defines a 'day' as the previous 24 hours. For example, if we check your Feed for new items at 9:00 AM PDT, we will determine if you have posted 10 items since 9:00 AM PDT the previous day.

 What happens if I exceed the daily maximum number of posts?

 If you exceed the daily maximum post limit for a social profile, posting to that specific social profile will be rate limited. Posting to that social profile will stop until you drop below the 10 item limit for the previous 24 hours. The 10 item per social limit is based on a rolling 24 hours. 

While any of your social profiles is rate limited, posting will continue to any other social profiles that have not exceeded the daily maximum. 


Does this limit impact you?

The posting limit only apply to users on our free Basic plan.

If you are on any of's paid plans you will not be impacted by this rate limit. Pro and Agency users, as well as any users on any of our legacy paid plans will not be impacted by the rate limit.

Go Big. Get Unlimited Posting.

Our Pro user enjoy unlimited daily posting. If you post more than 10 items per day, you may want to check out our Pro plan.

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