How to Use Content Curation to Better Your Traffic

Using Content Curation may seem like a royal pain when you're already busy and already looking for extra time to gain traction on all of your business duties. However, Content Curation is actually one of the easiest and most helpful methods to increase your social media traffic. Utilizing third party content through careful curation can increase your social media presence without any additional effort. By following this simple process, you can create your curation feeds and share the most appropriate content for your audience. 

We're going to demonstrate this process using a hypothetical real-estate agent's feed. Our real-estate agent wants to add a curated feed.


Our hypothetical real-estate agent wants to include some content in their feed other than real estate listings.


Perhaps something amusing to engage their followers. By using's feed search, we are able to locate an awesome feed that is just terrible photos of real estate situations. Our real estate agent thinks that this is a good idea because they are always posting very serious items like listing and mortgage rates. Maybe it's important to include something lighter to brighten the tone of our feed.


I've selected my feed of terrible real estate photographs. will then import the 10 most recent items posted into the feed. I find a photo of an untidy home that I find amusing and want to share. By selecting the share icon, I can alter the text of the post and add my own hashtags.


I have selected my untidy home post


Now I need to choose which Socials that I want to share to. I choose my Twitter and now I must select how I want to share this.


I can choose to share this right now, schedule a post that will fit within my schedule, or share at the next available time in my Queue schedule. Once I have selected my option, I will be able to view this post in my Queue.



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