What are your RSS Feed Size limits?

We do have RSS Feed Size limits that we employ to make posting more efficient for our Users.  For our Basic plan users, this limit is 512 KB, and for our Pro users, this limit is 1536 KB.  Though it is rare, some Feeds do end up exceeding this limit.  To reduce your Feed size, there are a few things that you can do:

  • Delete your old Feed items.  Though it is rare, some individuals opt to keep all items in the Feed History.  This is not necessary for us to publish items, and removing them can prevent your Feed from getting bogged down.
  • Check your Feed for extraneous information.  dlvr.it doesn't need the additional stylistic elements that some of our users opt to place in their Feeds, so removing this data can improve the Feed size.
  • Make sure that your Feed is valid and only contains the necessary images.  If your Feed has more images than what we will publish, this will cause the Feed Size to become inflated.  We recommend using a Feed validation service, such as the w3 Feed validator to check your Feed.

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