Why are my items not posting?

The most common reason for an item failure is that the GUID is a duplicate of a prior item.  Duplicate GUIDs will cause an item to be recognized as already seen by our systems.  To remedy this issue, we recommend returning to your Feed and altering the GUID field so that it is unique for every item.  You also have the option of choosing to republish items with updated timestamps. This is a setting that can be activated through your Feed Settings.  This setting, however, may cause duplicate items to post. To turn on this Setting, follow the steps below:

1) From your Automate tab, click on the Feed that you want to change


2) Click on Settings


3) Click on Advanced


4) Toggle the switch for 'Republish items with updated timestamps' into the 'on' position and click Save


There is also the possibility that the Social is rejecting the items from your Feed for a specific reason. These errors will be displayed in the Error log in your Socials tab.  To access the error log, follow the steps below:

1) Click on the Socials tab


2) Click on the Social in question


3) Click on Errors


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