What does my error message mean?

dlvr.it encounters many error messages and all of them have a specific meaning as to what can be done to fix them.The following are the most common error message examples and you will find more obscure error messages further down the document.

  • 403:Forbidden -- This is an HTTP status code that means that we were unable to access the page by requesting it through dlvr.it servers.  Sometimes, you will be able to access the Feed outside of dlvr.it on a regular webpage.  This means that dlvr.it servers have been blacklisted.  If that is the case, and this is a privately held Feed, you can whitelist dlvr.it through our User-Agent "dlvr.it/1.0 (+http://dlvr.it/)".
  • 404:Not Found -- This is an HTTP status code that simply means that the Feed doesn't exist, or the webpage doesn't exist, or is currently unavailable on the web.
  • Feed exceeds 512KB/1024KB Feed size limit: This error means that the uncompressed file size of your Feed is more than your plan currently allows.  Our Paid plan users are provided a Feed size limit of 1024 KB, while our Basic plan users are provided a 512 KB limit.  You can check the current size of your Feed by using a service like http://web-sniffer.net/.
  • Request timed out/408: This means that dlvr.it was making a request from our servers, and it took an excessive amount of time for your Feed to respond.  Sometimes, this can be due to blacklisting.  See Error 404 for the User-Agent to whitelist.
  • 401:Unauthorized -- This error indicates that you do not have valid credentials to access the Feed that you are trying to use.
  • 419 421, 508, 509:Unused -- This means that there has been an internal server error and your request couldn't be completed.
  • 420, 429, 999:Rate Limited -- This means that you have made too many requests.  To remedy this, you will need to reduce the number of requests you are making.

Some errors that we experience are limited to the Social error log.  These errors are located within your Socials tab under the Errors button for any specified Social.

  • If you're seeing that we're disconnected from a social, but there is no error, the error happened over 30 days ago.
  • LinkedIn Re-authentication: LinkedIn requires that we obtain new authentication every 60 days for us to maintain an active connection. To reconnect, simply visit your Socials tab, click on your LinkedIn account, and click on Reconnect
  • Unable to retrieve authorization token because user changed the password: Your social media account is reporting that your password was changed.
  • Discarded item after attempting to post for X minutes: Your social rejected our post attempts for unspecified reasons. This may be related to the content itself violating community standards or content posting too frequently to this social.

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